Master Class of Isolation

Stéphane BROWET

:Belgique | :cours en français
:16 Février 2019 (complet) | :22 Juin 2019 (complet) | :12 Octobre 2019 (complet)

Accréditation: 40 UA (Domaine à préciser)

Prix: 590€


During the masterclass, numerous clinical examples will demonstrate the participants how every isolation challenge can be addressed and categorized into one of the 4 main configurations. Step by step procedures teach the techniques. Tips and tricks are demonstrated in relation to restorative procedures. During the hands-on all the procedures are practiced on phantom heads. Special isolations and combinations are also practiced. At the end of the hands-on there will we a competition and participants will challenge each other in « The Fast and the Furious » for the fastest isolation.

– Obstacles
– Strategy
– Inversions
– Sequence flowchart
– Keys to success
– Materials
– Endo-restorative continuüm


  • introduction
  • obstacles
  • materials
  • dam
  • punch
  • forceps
  • clamps
  • techniques
  • positioning holes
  • punching holes
  • general application rules and placement
  • pitfalls
  • inversion
  • ligatures
  • add-ons like teflon tape & retraction chord
  • strategy
  • 4 BASIC isolation configurations
  • sequence flowchart
  • endo-restorative continuüm
  • clinical challenges and examples extreme isolations

Travaux Pratiques

  • introduction
  • demonstration of the things not fully understood after the presentation
  • step by step exercises on the phantom heads with feedback from me
  • single tooth isolation anterior
  • single tooth isolation posterior
  • isolation of the cervical area
  • quadrant isolation
  • quadrant isolation with additional clamps
  • anterior sextant isololation
  • complex isolations and combinations
  • Fast & Furious competition
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